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Mister Maker Arty Bundle

Mister Maker Arty Bundle

Get arty with Mister Maker and The Shapes! The bundle contains four individually packed Mister Maker Club boxes, each featuring an amazing craft, easy-to-follow instructions, a themed activity book and a collectable sticker. Features the crafts:

  • City Skyline: Create your own city skyline art, featuring glittery clouds and sparkling stars.
  • Magnetic Train: All aboard! Customise your own magnetic train, designing each carriage and decorating the passengers.
  • Modern Art Collage: Make a BIG piece of art! Inspired by Matisse, create a textured art print with foam shapes.
  • Dragonflies & Bees: Build and design a set of cute critters using pipe cleaners, foam shapes, beads and wooden pegs.

    Ideal for ages 3-6

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