Super Spooky Luminous Lantern and Bug Blaster & Scuttling Spider's Web

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Halloween is a time for treats!

Celebrate the spooky season and spoil your little monster with our Halloween craft box featuring our frighteningly fun Super Spooky Luminous Lantern and Bug Blaster & Scuttling Spider's Web crafts. 

See your little one's smile glow under the lights of a spooky lantern they built from scratch. But first, make and play with a catapult that flings flies onto a spider web dartboard!

Launch straight into the spooky season with the Bug Blaster & Scuttling Spider's Web craft. 

They will love becoming an eerie engineer, building their own mini catapult and spider’s web dartboard. Launch sticky-wing flies onto the dartboard to score points and play the night away!

This limited edition craft is the perfect game for Halloween night and can be enjoyed all year long…

Light up fright night with the Super Spooky Luminous Lantern!

They will love building their own light-up lantern from scratch and designing spooky slot-in projector slides.

Flip the switch to see scary silhouettes come to life around you! It’s the ideal night light for a super spooky storytime…

What's included: 

  • All the materials your little explorer needs for two crafts!
  • Easy to follow instructions for each activity, so your crafting is confusion-free.
  • An activity magazine, packed with STEAM Team stories, puzzles and recipes!

Ideal for ages 3 - 8

Please note: Active subscribers may receive the above crafts in their regular toucanBox.

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