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Spooky Spider

Well, more like cutie spider. Look at the little guy.

Whether you’re decorating the house to be a scare-fest, or you want a quieter, friendlier night on All Hallows’ Eve, the toucanBox Spooky Spider is the perfect craft. Use thick, pumpkin-orange wool and pipe cleaners to make your spider, then create a glistening glitter web for it to reside in. In your activity book explore some not-so-scary critters with games, puzzles, colouring and a yummy recipe. Plus, find out how to turn your box into a spider sweet pot! No tricks, just treats. Ideal for kids aged 3-8.

What’s included:

  • All the materials to make a spider and glitter web decoration
  • An activity book full of games, recipes plus extra crafts
  • Personalised box delivered through your letterbox

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