Toddler Box: Crayon Rubbings

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Featuring Giotto’s easy-grip crayons and a set of beautifully designed rubbing plates, your little artist will create textures and patterns in their favourite colours, encouraging sensory development and vocabulary building.

Craft box contains:

• 2 rubbing plates
• 3 colouring sheets
• 6 Giotto Be-bé jumbo crayons
• Jumbo sharpener
• Drawing pad

    Book box contains:

    We’ve selected Bear In The Square by Stella Blackstone & Debbie Harter to complement this craft.

    Share the adventures of a big, friendly bear as he wanders through all sorts of familiar places, discovering different shapes along his way. In these pages, you will meet bear at home, at school, in a swimming pool, in the park, in a cave and at a circus. Look very closely and you too may be able to find squares, circles, triangles, zig-zags and even stars hidden in the pictures. With its vibrant art and jaunty, rhyming text, Bear in a Square also offers a fun-filled and exciting way of learning to count from one to ten.

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