Spooky Box

Spooky Box

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Let all the spooky monsters out to play!

All the spooky monsters are coming out to play. So don’t let the werewolves and vampires have all the fun - let’s join in, too! Invent and build your own monster species, make a spooky glowing lantern, light up your crypt with a flickering mummy votive and decorate your haunted house with spooky spinning spiders. Ideal for ages 3-8

What’s included:

  • All materials needed
  • Illustrated instructions for each activity
  • A not-so-spooky storybook
  • A collectable sticker
  • Parent Card & Learning Guide

Please note: Grande box contains two of the projects, Super box contains all four. Book titles can vary. SIblings box contains enough materials for two people


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