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Why learning about a range of cultures is vital for children

Why learning about a range of cultures is vital for children

In a multicultural nation like the UK, it’s important to embrace diversity positively from a young age. Having a plurality of customs, languages, religious beliefs, art, music, and cuisine enriches our society and makes us more understanding of our shared humanity. 

With consistent exposure, learning about different cultures fosters empathy and a global perspective in our youngsters — which in turn promotes tolerance, reduces stereotypes, and cultivates open-mindedness. 

The subject of this blog post is therefore vital for a child’s development. Exposure to diverse cultures not only enhances communication skills but prepares children to navigate a multicultural world, contributing to a more inclusive and harmonious society.

6 benefits to learning about a variety of cultures


Exploring a variety of cultures teaches children to respect different viewpoints and perspectives. It enables them to appreciate the beauty found in diversity. 

Yet, these advantages are just the beginning. Let's delve into even more benefits to broadening children’s horizons…

1. Enriching their learning journey

Children possess a natural curiosity. Exploring differences inherently sparks wonder and a desire to learn more — creating a fantastic opportunity for discovery, and enhancing their learning journey in the process! 

2. Cultivating empathy

Instilling empathy in children involves guiding them to step into others’ shoes. What better way to achieve this than through exploring different cultures and their stories?

3. Expanding their worldview

Recognising that the world extends beyond our immediate surroundings is essential for human development. It helps children to build a picture of a broader society, and cultivates the ability to coexist harmoniously with differences.

4. Inspiring creativity

Fostering creativity is essential for children's development during their formative years. Exposure to diverse cultures serves as an excellent catalyst for nurturing this skill.

5. Promoting diversity and inclusion

Embracing diversity in early childhood helps to foster an appreciation and respect for different cultures and customs. Normalising this sentiment early helps to ensure that this spirit of inclusion lasts a lifetime!

6. Discovering the past to understand the present

Historical understanding can further equip children in navigating a diverse world. This is because, by understanding the interconnectedness of societies and cultures throughout history, a global perspective can be fostered — contributing to the development of informed, open-minded youngsters who appreciate the richness of human experiences.

Explore the globe with our books and crafts

As we conclude our exploration into cultural diversity, we’d like to recommend three books from our shop that will whisk young readers away to different parts of the world…

1. We're Riding on a Caravan 

Join a Chinese family as they navigate the ancient Silk Road in this beautifully lyrical narrative. From shimmering silk markets to fragrant spice bazaars, journey through the core of historic trade routes that span thousands of miles across Asia. 

2. Off We Go to Mexico!

Embark on a lively journey into the heart of Mexico! Young readers will be captivated by the vibrant culture, from bustling markets to the rhythmic melodies of mariachis. This beautifully illustrated book also serves as an engaging introduction to over forty basic Spanish words and phrases, making it ideal for young language learners!

3. The Great Race

Join the Zodiac animals in a spirited race to have the Chinese calendar years named after them! The thrilling story is complemented by insights into the Chinese calendar, significant Chinese holidays, and a chart detailing the animal signs based on birth years.

Join us on a journey of discovery!

Just as these books weave enriching tales through captivating glimpses into a variety of cultures, arts and crafts can serve as a fantastic avenue to delve into cultural diversity with children. 

Visit our shop for a universe of arts and crafts ideas, and consider joining our Subscription Craft Club for themed crafting experiences that bring the world to your doorstep.

Together, let’s champion diversity — and nurture our children to become active members of a more inclusive and understanding world.

Curated by Jéssica Dorantes

Content Strategist and Editor 

Graduated in Literature and Languages and specialised in Editorial Production, with a Linguistics Masters and Product Marketing Management certification. More than 5 years of experience working with educational content, three of them aimed specifically at children and families.

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Jéssica Dorantes

Editor and author of children’s literature, passionate about content for children and families and specialised in Editorial Production.

Jéssica is a published author of children’s literature and has more than 5 years of experience working with educational content, three of them aimed specifically at children and families. She graduated in Literature and Languages and specialised in Editorial Production, with a Linguistics Masters.

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